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From this section you can configure how to access to your WordPress, its updates and buy a domain for it.

There are three ways to access your WordPress website:

  • Default Titibate: This is the default URL for a new WordPress. For example:
  • Customized Titibate: customized URL using a subdomain from Titibate. Only names that have not already been chosen by other Titibate clients can be chosen. For example:
  • Customized: any other domain. For example: The following may occur when assigning a custom domain to your WordPress website:
    • The domain is free: you will be shown the annual price of the domain and you will be given the possibility of buying it with Titibate. It will be configured automatically afterwards. The process can take up to 2-3 days.
    • The domain is taken: in this case, the DNS of the domain will be checked. If these are the same as the ones that your WordPress should have, you will be allowed to assign the domain. Otherwise, the correct DNS will be indicated and, if the domain is already yours, you will have to update them before in the provider where you bought the domain.
      If you want to transfer the domain from your current hoster to Titibate, please contact us.

Regarding updates for your WordPress, by default the global settings defined in your Control Panel Settings apply, but you can modify them individually for each of them. The following update options are available for both WordPress and its themes and plugins.

  • Yes: WordPress will update automatically
  • No: WordPress will not automatically update. You must do it manually.
  • Default: apply what you have defined in the global Settings of your Control Panel

Note: after the domain change, it may take a few minutes for your WordPress to be accessible with the new address.

Note: When you change your WordPress domain, we update all the entries from the old domain you have in your database to the new one in order to make sure everything looks right.

Advanced tip: if you want to assign a domain, even if the DNS is not pointing, you can do so by adding two dots (..) after the domain name. For example:
This is only recommended for advanced users who know what they are doing. Please note that after this change you will not be able to access your WordPress unless you modify the hosts file on your computer.

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