This is the default section when accessing the Titibate Control Panel. Here you can see at a glance your services, latest invoices and news related to WordPress.


List of the WordPress that you have created. They are sorted in descending order by creation date. The information available for each of them is as follows:

  • State in which the service is located. In case the WordPress is blocked, in installation process or with some error you will see an icon indicating it. If WordPress is working properly, there will be no icon.
  • Name and description you want to assign to your WordPress, so you can identify it quickly. Can be updated from the WordPress Detail section.
  • Access to the detailed list of services by clicking on it.

By clicking on the title “Services” you can access the detailed list of all your services.

Latest invoices

List of the last invoices issued. They are grouped by months. By clicking on the title, you access the detailed list of invoices, where you can pay and download them.

WordPress News

List of the last 5 news published in the official WordPress blog

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