E-mail address

Following the request of several customers, from today, Titibate offers email accounts. At the moment the process is manual and you have to contact us for the creation of new accounts. In less than 24 hours, you’ll have them active. The data to access your webmail and configure it in […]

Automatic WordPress updates

Worried about not always having your WordPress updated? As of today, Titibate does it for you. We have added this feature to your Control Panel in order to allow you to have your WordPress (including its themes and plugins) updated to the latest version. To activate it, simply follow these […]


From today, Titibate offers the possibility to buy and transfer domains to link them to your WordPress websites. If you wish to transfer an existing domain, please contact us. In case you want to buy a new domain for your website, just follow the following steps: Access your Titibate Control […]

Welcome to Titibate

From Titibate we offer a quality WordPress hosting, providing tools that make easier the maintenance and updating of your WordPress, its themes and plugins. Titibate offers three plans for your website: WordPress Lite WordPress Standard WordPress Pro Depending on the number of visits and disk space you need, you can […]